What Makes GPG Different

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What Makes GPG Different

Customer Concurrent Engineering: GPG provides design assistance to our customers for manufacturability; cost savings, quicker part turnaround and many other services. We are not just “manufacture to print”. Our team of innovators are ready and able to help you get the best product at the lowest possible cost.

  • Experience that is especially relevant includes items like having an extremely knowledgeable design team on board, our willingness to do one-off prototypes, aftermarket finished products and low volume production.
  • Global Precision Group can analyze the required engineering and provide the experience needed to ensure designs are reviewed for feasibility and recommendations are made based on tooling configuration. By being involved early in the design you are able to avoid lost time working with designs that may be manufacturing challenged.
  • Our core competencies include working prototypes, process options, design assistance and early, low, medium & high volume production.

Our staff works closely with your team to create an engineered solution to cut costs and increase efficiency. We’re not just machine shop, we’re a total machining solution.